Outstanding achievements within complex strategies entailing E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Business Development, and Branding

Ranking & Revenue Miracle - Solver Media

2022 - The leading e-commerce company for water pumps in Northern Europe starts the expansion to new markets: the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. 

2023 - With my strategy and supervision, the e-shops gain top ranking in all the above countries in less than 1 year. Revenue increases by 140% in Spain, and by 25% on average in the UK and Italy, compared to the previous year and regardless of seasonality. 

Organic Ranking | Branding | Organic Conversion Rate Optimization

1. Auditing: assessing the e-shops' original conditions, researching competitors, and understanding market trends. 

2. Strategy: definition of goals and KPIs, operations, timeline, action plan, tasks across multi-functional team, supervision model. 

3. Implementation: creation of shared guidelines for coworkers, execution of high-profile tasks, progress monitoring, weekly data analysis, and reporting.

REFERENCE: Waterpump.co.uk | Bombadeagua.es | Pompaacquashop.it | Solver Media BV

search engine optimization and branding strategy in technical field water solutions - marica remoli

Expo to boost business and social impact

2023 - A group of SMEs in Italy operating in the private events organization are looking for new ways of attracting prospects and expanding their professional network. But how will they compete against the biggest players in the industry? Simple... by NOT competing.

2024 - My strategy leverages the current demand that's not covered by the current players, and aims to position my clients as the pioneers of an untapped niche, and to launch them with a special Expo. So for the first time, in Italy there's an offer for inclusive events organization, which is able to attract not only targeted groups, but also the wide audience, thanks to a bold mission and outstanding campaign. Furthermore, the participation of 30+ companies to the expo generated a domino effect which was crucial to the viral awareness of the Expo.

The result is an expo named "All the love in the world" (original: Tutto l'amore del mondo - Expo) which resulted in over 500 visitors in 2 days, over 300 hot leads generated, the creation of a network of 30+ companies, the first ever creation of synergy between private sector, institutions, education system and organizations on a topic related to inclusion.

Business Development | Event Design and Development | All-round Marketing and Promotion

1. Market research: comparison with competitors, demand/offer analysis, exploration of opportunities. 

2. Strategy: definition of goals and KPIs, operations, timeline, action plan, tools and channels, budget allocation, revenue stream model, marketing mix.

3. Implementation: Within 4 months I was able to design, coordinate and execute the event, covering all decision-making roles, and supported by a team of professionals.

REFERENCE: tuttolamoredelmondo.com

A great SAAS launch all over Europe - ROOSH

2021 - On the B2C side, country-specific online apps to book a convenient car park spot near the airport. On the B2B side, a software to manage online reservations, growing the business and loyalty, without spending money on ads. ROOSH launches its SAAS product and needs to sell it. 

2022 - With my business development strategy, we onboard over 50 new business partners in all major airports of Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, within 5 months from the launch and right in time for the peak season. My solution led to further achievements in Germany, Austria, Switzerland France, Netherlands, and Belgium.

Business Development | Partner Onboarding | Team Training

1. Market research: comparison with competitors, research of in-demand areas and services, exploration of potential partners. 

2. Strategy: definition of goals and KPIs, operations, timeline, action plan, tools and channels, organization of team training. 

3.1 Implementation - partner-wise: CRM email marketing campaign to scout for partners in Southern Europe, prospects relations, conversion management, partner onboarding with video calls and video tutorials, and partner assistance over the roll-out phase.

3.2 Impementation - team-wise: set-up of CRM environment on Freshsales/Freshdesk, framework organization, creation of automated email marketing strategy, preparation of guidelines for the team, training and live demo sessions with the team, supervision during team's implementation.

REFERENCE: ROOSH | Vuelapar.es | Vologio.it

A made-in-Italy tech revolution - Vitap

2018 - Vitap is a well-known woodworking machine manufacturer, a true example of made-in-Italy quality appreciated all over the world. They launch a new CNC machining center with a unique patented technology. They don't just need to sell the product: they want to accomplish a brand repositioning.

2018/19 - Within a complex and broad strategy, I include a visual campaign to showcase the product and the company's achievements. We produce a video that sets the company apart from competitors. In a manufacturing niche where being down-to-earth is the standard, now Vitap is perceived as an innovative high-tech company that leads the way toward the future of woodworking. They even get awarded international prizes for the technological advancement.

International Brand Repositioning | Video Content Production & distribution

1. Consulting: understanding the real objective behind the client's needs was the biggest part of the work. 

2. Video design: creation of a detailed storyboard including all technical and brand aspects to highlight, liaising with videomakers, company C-level members, and company employees to define roles, and needs during the shooting day.

3. Implementation: supervision and assistance to videomaking team during the shooting, post-production supervision, distribution of the content according to the strategy.

REFERENCE: Video machine K2 2.0 | Video branding (multipurpose) | Complete Case History

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